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From being a commissioned maker of animated music videos for other artists (since 2007-) and practising piano for hours on end (1984-), The Mollusc Dimension was overjoyed to discover a world of possibility as a composer and songwriter who also makes his own videos! While he is capable of scoring his own compositions, The Mollusc Dimension embraces the fluid freedom of improvisation and a more spontaneous, “songwriter approach”. Part of his practice involves capturing moments of fun, witty, inventive improv, rehearsing and other creative discoveries on Instagram and Facebook. Follow to enjoy his newest ideas!

You’ll find a new, more soulful and beats-driven sound in The Mollusc Dimension’s DEBUT ALBUM, on which he’s currently at work. Expect more symbolism-infused, emotive lyrics, keys providing both sensuality as well as deep percussive beats, and a few style-shifts! Scheduled for release in January 2020..

Selected Compositions & Songs

Live Sound: Selected Performances, Songs, Stories & Experiments

Selected Performances of Musical Works by Other Composers/ Songwriters

Selected Improvisations & Ideas

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