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Defiantly Uncategorisable - The Mollusc Dimension creates art in an eclectic range of forms: songwriting, performance, improvisation, video-making, zines, craft and occasional streams of uncooked words. Audiences at such iconic spaces such as London's Southbank Centre, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, DIY Space for London, Hong Kong International Airport have been dazzled, amused and dream-provoked by him. He headlined at Trans Pride Brighton in 2016, appeared on-screen at The Barbican (2018) and his zines are in collections such as Tate Britain and international locations.

A subculture-coded, DIY-driven, decolonising, classical-trained virtuoso pianist, The Mollusc Dimension revels in hopping across genres with the audience safely in tentacles. Before long, you'll be singing along to “Take me back to the ocean”(with actions!), or maybe you'll wander “in the midnight forest with the silvery shadows” in the mysterious journey song, “Gotta Go”. Schubert, Debussy and Parmeggiani inspired his film-music for “Escape From the Law of Octaves”for award-winning film director, Kai Fi'ain. Bjork, Doming Lam and traditional Chinese music were influential for “Missing Parts”while “Don't Call Me Darling”addresses all the toxic masculinity sleaze-bags out there via 50's love song, punk, Tchaikovsky and boogie-woogie.

At the core of The Mollusc Dimension's buoyant energy is the drive to create and co-create flourishing multidisciplinary stories around matters of identity and society which have impacted on his life including: queerness, gender, intersectional feminism, race, mental health, lo-fi creativity, art for all, and critique of consumer culture - in order to provide existential nourishment for those who need it.

I make art to reconnect myself and my audience with the wonder in the everyday.” (The Mollusc Dimension)

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PERFORMANCE & RECORDINGS: The Mollusc Dimension’s first band Squid & The Krakens (2013–2016) brought their surreal humour to audiences across the UK with their popular interactive live shows. Described as both “deliciously dreamy” and “electrifying and dynamic”, The Mollusc Dimension creates performances depending on the vibe of a particular event and audience. He weaves a story based on a selection of songs, and persuades those present to become an instant chorus, joining in with singing, sound effects and actions - taking everybody on a kaleidoscopic surreal adventure.

They released two EPs, the rambunctious, theatrical ‘The Flying Coffee Machine’ (2016) and ‘Food & Other Flavours of Existence’ (2013), exuberance sauced with despair. A seismic shift to solo acoustic-piano track collection ‘Dream Improvisations’ (2016), which is made up of unrehearsed, free improvisations whose titles capture aspects of his life by referring to the time of composition (e.g. “Looking for the Beach at 11pm”) or food eaten that day (“New Year Cake”). The Mollusc Dimension’s 2017 eclectic EP ‘Habit of a Lifetime’ moves between cartoon-like humour, fantasy sci-fi despair and grief, and experimental charming oddness. In 2017 an important shift in creative practice took place whereby The Mollusc Dimension began working more with improvisation and making, directing and creating music videos for his own music. His output switched from streamable and purchasable studio audio releases to capturing experimental video clips which have been freely accessible to the public via Instagram and Facebook

Following a number of immensely fulfilling commissions, The Mollusc Dimension re-embraces the idea of a studio audio release, and is currently working on his debut album in which he continues to explore themes of identity and personal journeys via poetic lyrics - this time with a new, more soulful sound, using various keyboard sounds to provide both dreamlike swathes of sensuality and rhythm elements, and featuring guest guitar appearances from fellow artist Wild. The album is set for release in early 2020.

COMMISSIONS: The Mollusc Dimension’s commissions include the evocative ‘Missing Parts 遗落断片 (Lost Fragments)’ (2016), composed to accompany a contemporary dance piece by Pangea Art as a part of ‘Project New Earth’, a set of four multidisciplinary commissions by Chinese Arts Space to commemorate the Chinese Labour Corps of World War I; a vividly stark, luminous soundtrack for the experimental performance-art film ‘Escape from the Law of Octaves’ (2018) by award-winning film maker Kai Fi’ain; a mysterious storytelling set using DIY puppets at the invitation of tAngerinecAt (2018); and the galvanizing ‘A Tale of the Mystery of the Five Elements’ for a Ping Pong Concert produced by Chinese Arts Now (2019), an ensemble composition performed live with ping pong players, who formed an integral part of the piece’s soundscape.

COLLABORATION: “We will arrive in the future by building bridges.” The Mollusc Dimension’s collaboration and community-based, DIY spirit is also found in his group work, co-founding Quiet Queers Qlub, the UK’s first QTPOC and non-binary centred improv comedy podcast (an ‘audio space for queer introverts’). Qraft Bistro (formerly Interactive Monster Unit) is another self-formed group - a quartet of artists running pop-up craft activities at events such as Decolonise Fest with the aim of reminding participants of their creative potential. Work was exhibited recently at The Battersea Arts Centre.