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I am a genre-embracing, multi-tentacled artist moved by how music and art enable people to communicate without verbal language. In a world where confusion and disagreements can lead to violence, an intention to bring harmony has been a vital intention of artists for centuries. Replenishment and growth. I am a seeker of truth and peace. I take my troubles and sorrows and transform them into songs and art. I take loneliness and I turn it into gold. I find ideas everywhere in the shapes of words, deep in the gloomiest mornings and the back of my mind and I look around me for what the trees are saying and what mood the sky is in. I believe that everyone is creative and I hope that by sharing my processes, others may be inspired to create too. Persistence and collaborators have helped me a lot and you can find them too. In my music, drawings and words, you may discover subtle, thoughtful, personally meaningful details, a rich mix of influences and connections, combined with the randomness of improvised performance creative practice and interaction.

Thank you for taking a wander through The Mollusc Dimension’s website which has video, audio, writing and is a portal to developing and experimental projects. It is being added to gradually!

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PHOTO CREDIT: Collaboration using portrait photography by Shaven Raven Designs & collage by The Mollusc Dimension